Mental and Physical
Health & Wellness

Expanding treatment and services for individuals with mental and physical disabilities and or challenges that create barriers to a greater quality of life is personal to me. The expansion and additional accessibility for treatment will also create employment opportunities that will permit on demand care.

Educational Opportunities
& Resources

Providing curriculum based on recreational latch key programs available for families of all income brackets is a top priority of mine. I will continue to advocate for the opening of a new community center on the eastern side of Washtenaw County, foreseeing the community center’s new home in Superior Township.

Clean Slate &
Expungement Services

I care deeply about allowing second chances so that individuals can provide a better quality of life for themselves and families. Promoting and supporting events such as expungement fairs, job fairs, and work readiness workshops and skills are all key objectives of mine. I would like to ensure that the availability of work readiness programs are available to all and that we can support all members of our community.

Land Conservation &
Environmental Protection

District 2 is a place with so many natural wonders, parks, and green spaces- all of which help make it one of the most beautiful areas in the county. I will fight to ensure the County parks and Recreation Department has the funding they need to maintain and protect our green spaces and advocate for aggressive climate change mitigation programs. I will fight my hardest to preserve our natural spaces for generations to come.